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As you may recall from a blog entry last year, Max and Francesco are two Italian brothers who my brother met when he was studying abroad. They seemed particularly passionate about America and proceeded to call my family throughout the years on key holidays (Christmas, Independence Day, Arbor Day…what do we celebrate on Arbor Day? Harbors? Arby’s?). They stay in touch with us remarkably well for people we’ve never met.

Their English isn’t great, but their intentions are good, and they never cease to remind me that they’re more patriotic than I am. Here’s a brilliant snippet–verbatim–from their latest e-mail:

We’re honored to have you as our guests in our Touristic Village! We love Americans, you’re really a Great people! The last topics have opened our mind about euthanasia. We like the baseball so much, it’s really an Awesome American game!

Amazing transitions. Max and Francesco, I salute you.

(Just so that e-mail doesn’t seem too weird, in a previous e-mail they had brought up the topic of euthanasia, and I had responded.)

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  1. glad they are still in touch with you. We waited the whole day of July 4th for our ‘Happy THE Fourth of July’ phone call but it did not come.


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