TypeTribe Pre-Launch Giveaway!

TT_logo_cmyk-for-webLast night I was up late doing what most Americans do on the night before Independence Day: I was creating a pre-site blog and signup page for my new company, TypeTribe.

If you’ve been curious about what TypeTribe is, go to that page and be one of the first to know.

Also, sign up on that page to be notified when TypeTribe launches. On a whim, I decided to up the stakes and offer a $25 Amazon.com gift card to every 100th person to sign up. I’m going to post about it on Twitter in a minute, so by the time my faithful blog readers read this post, it should be right around the 100 mark…

Update: I wanted a way to appreciate people who refer others (especially readers and writers) to TypeTribe, so I’ve added a $100 cash drawing to be held at the launch of the site for all referrals. You get an entry every time someone other than yourself enters your e-mail in the referral box of the launch e-mail notification signup. So tell your friends!

Happy Fourth of July. America isn’t perfect, but it’s great to live in a country where a guy can turn a passion project into a legitimate business.

(It’s also great to not be in the hospital today. Yep, that’s where I spent the Fourth last year.)

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