What Would You Have Done?

In today’s “What Would You Have Done?”, an ongoing segment that I just made up, I pose the following situation to you:

Today I was walking across my gated parking lot to the back door of my apartment building when I noticed something strange. There was a two-door car parked near the door–I’ve seen this car before, and it belongs in the spot where it was parked–with the passenger-side door wide open.

I didn’t go over to the car, but I was standing only a few feet away, and there was no one in or around the car. Nor was anyone in the vicinity carrying anything over to the door (having propped the door open). There seemed to be no plausible reason why the door was open.

In fact, 3 hours later, the car door is still open. I can see it from my back window. In fact, I even took a very fuzzy photo:


My question to you is: What would you have done? I’ve left the poll below open in case you would have done something that I didn’t think of.

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  1. Even though I went with “other” (“looted and pillaged the car”), technically I probably would have just shut the door, so you can add my small percentage points to that category.

  2. I think I might have closed the door and left a note on the windshield informing the owner that the door was open and I closed it because I didn’t think they had wanted to leave the door wide open.

    You know, to really rub it in and make them feel like a total idiot for having left their car door wide open.

    • Good points, Neeraja and Mr. Dillinger. This morning, the car was still there, and someone had shut the door, but not all the way (perhaps just in case the keys were inside).

      That car is usually gone when I leave in the morning. I’m seriously wondering if something happened to the person when they were fishing something out of the back seat (the passenger-side seat was down).

      • Oh crap. Now I’m worried that this person has been dragged into their apartment and is being held hostage in your building. Maybe the open door was their way of signaling for help.

        Any chance there are security cameras in your lot? Or a registry that your landlord keeps with the person’s license plate and name?

  3. I would have just closed the door, but not all the way shut, so it wouldn’t be obviously open but if someone left it open for areason they could still get in the car. Clearly the correct answer.

    • In hindsight, probably the right answer. I think I was a little worried that someone would come along at that moment and be like, “Why are you touching my car?!”

      The car is still there, unmoved since the other day. It looks like the seats have shifted position, though–the passenger seat is no longer pushed forward.


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