Toss Up Tuesday

Bryce just sent me this really interesting promotion from Qdoba: Basically, Qdoba just cut their revenue in half for Tuesday nights. Do they win or lose? I’d say win. People love to gamble, so if they increase capacity on an otherwise slow night to even close to double a normal Tuesday night, they’re doing fine. … Read more

Magic Wands for Everyone

Back in my day, we had laser tag. Then came paintball. Now there’s MagiQuest. Haven’t heard of MagiQuest? Neither had I until I read an article about it in Wired this month.┬áThe basic concept: give a bunch of kids “magic” wands embedded with infrared sensors and send them on a “magical” quest (hence the name–get … Read more

The Ball Room

You’re going to get in fights with your significant other. Not physical fights, mind you (at least, I sure hope not). But arguments, disagreements that escalate to the point that verbal jabs are just as hurtful as physical ones. That’s not to say that arguments need to build to that level. In all the big … Read more


Frequent commenter and friend Neeraja suggested to me that I write a post about floss. My first reaction was, “Why?” But Neeraja explained that she has recently really gotten into flossing (she’ll hopefully explain this in a guest post later this week), and she knows that I’m also an avid flosser. Here are the reasons … Read more

What Do Students Keep?

Freshmen move-in at Wash U was today. My organization had a table on campus in the midst of all the students, and so as we planned for this day, we were faced with the challenge of distributing relevant materials in the form of something they wouldn’t promptly throw away. When I was a student, I … Read more

Metrics and Rankings

I think that’s one of the more boring subject headers I’ve used for this blog. Honestly, though, I love metrics. I love objective measurements and rankings and ratings. Today I was part of a conversation at work that involved a company that’s working metrics for ranking Newman Centers (Catholic centers on secular campuses) across the … Read more

Bolt and TypeTribe

I just watched the video of Usain Bolt breaking the world record in the 100m dash, and it’s pretty incredible. He doesn’t embarrass the field like he did in the Olympics, mainly because the field is better here. His stride is just sick. It doesn’t make me want to race him any less. Obviously I’d … Read more