Bolt and TypeTribe

  1. I just watched the video of Usain Bolt breaking the world record in the 100m dash, and it’s pretty incredible. He doesn’t embarrass the field like he did in the Olympics, mainly because the field is better here. His stride is just sick. It doesn’t make me want to race him any less. Obviously I’d lose by quite a bit, but watching him run just makes me want to sprint. Tomorrow at soccer will have to do. Maybe I’ll get someone to time me in the 100m one of these days so I can have an actual number to compare against world-class sprinters.
  2. Why doesn’t Bolt play American football? Obviously he’d have to take some hits, but he could make way more money and get way more attention playing wide receiver than he ever will as a sprinter. No corner back would have a chance against him, and he’s tall enough to be a legitimate threat in the air.
  3. I just posted the second TypeTribe contest poll. The first one went over really well, garnering 191 unique hits the second day of the contest. Feel free to check out the post and cast your vote.