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A coworker recently had the pleasure of watching a movie in a theater called Fork & Screen, a division of AMC. You can see the setup in the photo to the right–you sit in a fairly normal theater, except there’s a long table in front of your seat. Push a button, and a few minutes later a waiter will appear to take your order. Drink and popcorn refills are free, and they’re brought right to you so you never have to leave the theater.

The best part? It costs pretty much the same as any other theater.

I love the concept. Love it. My main concern was that the waiters would block your view of the screen, but their walking path is lower than the table in front of you, so you can keep watching while they serve you.

Oh, and there’s a full bar.

I’m always disappointed by AMC’s popcorn–come on, it’s not that hard–but still, this idea is brilliant, and I want one in St. Louis immediately.

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  1. Whatever happened to that movie theater with the leather couches and comfy chairs instead of rows and rows of seats? Does it still exist?

      • The place in Richmond near the Diamond (called Movieland, its a Bowtie Cinema) is awesome and definitely the best theater in Richmond (…ok, its technically the only theater in Richmond, except for the Westhampton, but its also the best theater in the Richmond metro-area) but it is not like the theater that you described. It has full meals (burger, chicken fingers, pizza) that you can take in to the theater with you and it serves alcohol, but it does not have tables or waiters.

  2. Jaam,

    This is the type of place I was so impressed with in Portland when I went to visit my sister. I wanted to start one in St. Louis immediately! In Portland they’re called pub theaters (they serve pub food and are generally in older, renovated theaters, not new AMCs). I thought it was a very cool concept.


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