Magic Wands for Everyone

Back in my day, we had laser tag. Then came paintball. Now there’s MagiQuest.

Haven’t heard of MagiQuest? Neither had I until I read an article about it in Wired this month. The basic concept: give a bunch of kids “magic” wands embedded with infrared sensors and send them on a “magical” quest (hence the name–get it? Get it?!) to find special items and clues in a specially prepared building. It’s a glorified scavenger hunt.

It’s a pretty cool idea. In fact, it’s pretty cool that kids would sign up to do an activity that didn’t involve the fighting or competition of laser tag, paintball, or video games.

Of course, I want a version of MagiQuest that involves battles.

Seriously–if you have a way to create magic wands, shouldn’t you give people a way to duel HarryPotter-style? I want to cast command an inferi! I want to cast an unforgivable curse! I want to split my soul into seven different parts so I can be immortal!

Okay, not really. But I would want to cast spells. Why not have a MagiQuest: Bloodsport where you can do stuff like that?

You can keep the scavenger hunt elements–in fact, it would make the stakes a lot higher for them. Find the dragon’s scale and you can now cast a burst of fire (or, in Harry Potter-speak, burstus of fireus).

Heck, if this technology is out there, have a version for super heroes too. Who wants to play X-Men on the computer when you can actually have Iceman’s powers in real life? You pay $15, get a gauntlet for whichever superhero you choose to be, and you’re thrown into the Danger Room.

So basically, I’m applauding MagiQuest for not being violent, and I’m saying that I’ll sign up once there’s a violent version.

(Also, if you want to giggle–maybe even laugh–this morning, check out Josh’s blog entry today.)

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