The Most Romantic Cinematic Date Scenes

I’m thinking about embarking on a new project that I will divulge in the near future…but for now, I need your help. When you think of the most romantic, iconic date scenes in movies, what scenes do you think of? I’m looking for specific dates. Some I could see as being in a gray area, like that romantic walk in Notting Hill when Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant climb over the wall of that private garden and sit on that bench that old people used to sit on…that was romantic. And I guess it was a date. But they didn’t exactly plan that as the date.

Even if you can’t remember details, post what comes to your mind. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “The Most Romantic Cinematic Date Scenes”

  1. Jerry Maquire – Tom Cruise & Renee Zellwegger go on a date to the Mexican restaurant where the mariachi band sings to them. I can’t explain why this was romantic, maybe it was the cinematography. But it was a quaint restaurant and it was also their first “date.” I thought it was a romantic scene.

    • Good call. Gabby–who is too lazy to post a comment–also suggested the Italian restaurant scene in Lady and the Tramp (where they end up eating the same strand of noodle). That’s a good one.

  2. the classroom piano scene in “my sassy girl” and then when they go party in their high school uniforms. korean movie but I liked it because I couldn’t compare it to any other cheesy scene in an american movie. if you havent seen it, highly recommend

    • I was about to make fun of you for referencing a movie no one’s seen, but then I realized that I’ve seen this movie. And it’s quite good. I don’t remember that particular scene, but I’ll make sure to check it out.

  3. I know this is unoriginal, but the entirity of The Notebook has to go on this list. The premise of the movie is very romantic, and the scene where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams “reconnect” in the rain is downright passionate. Similarly, if anyone interested in romance hasn’t seen “P.S. I Love You,” it tops The Notebook for traditional romance.

  4. I should probably stick with the first scene that my head prompted me with because it will inevitably be my best answer if it left that much of an impression on me. Though not classically romantic as far as pick-you-up-at-7-flowers-dinner-movie-porch-kiss, it has all of the tension and build up I think a really romantic date should have. I should just come out and name the scene, right? I’m writing like the RFT, which I hate: never getting to the point until the last paragraph…

    The first “date” (more specifically the end of the first date) in The Virgin Suicides with Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett. As soon as the car door opens and she jumps in–that moment just feels like it epitomizes everything that’s really behind all of the actions, intentions, motions of a first date with two people young/new enough to the experience of dating who want to be together. So I suppose I like it because it’s not about the material construction of a date (like the setting, time, cute gimmicks to win the other one over) it’s about the emotion and tension that’s behind a really good date?

    • I’ve seen that movie but can’t remember that scene. I really like the sound of it, though–that’s a great description of it. I fondly remember what it felt like to be dating in high school. I feel like the innocence, newness, and purity of it can’t be replicated.

  5. Stranger thn fiction when he is sitting on the couch playing guitar then they make out

    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind when kirsten dunst recites all the niche quotes and things

    Elf when the two go out on a date and he takes her to all the places he thought were great


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