What Do Students Keep?

Freshmen move-in at Wash U was today. My organization had a table on campus in the midst of all the students, and so as we planned for this day, we were faced with the challenge of distributing relevant materials in the form of something they wouldn’t promptly throw away.

When I was a student, I remember being inundated by keychains and pamphlets and lanyards and cheap water bottles. Stuff that I promptly threw away.

I had a few ideas of things that students wouldn’t throw away. Not all are ideal for disseminating detailed information, but we have a website for that. The key functions of this item is (a) to get the student to keep it, (b) make sure the student connects the item with my organization, and (c) make sure it’s affordable en masse.

My thoughts about what students keep:

  • Flash drives
  • Canvas grocery bags
  • Plants

The latter is an idea I got from a priest over at Ohio State’s Newman Center. They gave away tiny, growing plants one year. Added a little green to students’ rooms.

In this day and age, what else do students keep?