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The Makansi Effect

For this week’s edition of my shout-out entry to bloggers who are friends or people whose writing I respect, I bring you Jason Makansi’s site, I joined a freshly formed writing critique group earlier this summer, and Jason is the other male member of the group. His writing style is unique and he gives […]

The Dessert Tribulations

I. Love. Dessert. Dessert is the perfect end to a meal for me. In fact, I consider it part of the meal. No meal is complete without dessert. Yesterday, however, I ran out of dessert. It was 9:30 at night and I hadn’t had my post-meal snackie. The only sweet things I had in my […]

Three Sentences I Love

The other day I was reading a short story on Fifty-Two Stories, and a line jumped off the page and slapped me in the face. It was that good. I haven’t read a sentence like this in a long time: He’d dated since Nora’s death—two or three times, all setups that ended comfortably but without […]

What Will Books of the Future Look Like?

See my thoughts and post your thoughts on my TypeTribe blog entry on the topic.

Yes, I Read The Lost Symbol

Yes, I recently read the popular fiction novel follow-up to The Da Vinci Code. I’ll be honest–although the writing in TDVD was less than stellar, it showed me how to structure an intelligent thriller. For the most part, The Lost Symbol follows in the same footsteps. A recent blogger (sorry, I can’t remember who) noted […]

In Search of Monsters

I’ve mentioned JoshVision’s new blog and website in passing on this blog before, but I figured he deserved a proper shoutout like the other blogger friends I’ve talked about recently. Josh created his site mostly to start getting the word out about a collection of short stories he’s publishing called In Search of Monsters. Josh […]

A Different Take on the Economy

Last night, by sheer coincidence, I learned firsthand about a group of people who have been severely impacted by the international economic crisis that you hardly ever hear about: International students. A friend of mine hosted a dinner last night to celebrate Eid, the end of the Ramadan fast. He invited two African students who […]

Just a Quickie

Just a quick update tonight because I want to get back to The Lost Symbol, which I hope to review on the blog this week. Also, I have not slept well this week because of my new iPhone (review for that also coming this week). The connection? Because I use the iPhone as an alarm […]

Where in the World Is My iPhone

Two years ago, I posted on this blog that I’d never buy an iPhone because of the lack of a tactile keyboard. I take it all back. I bought an iPhone. I won’t go into the reasons here, beyond the fact that I called Sprint, my service provider for the last 7 years, and gave […]

Judicial Peach

Continuing my weekly series of shout-outs to friends and other bloggers I admire, I highly suggest that you check out the blog Judicial Peach. A friend of mine–a lawyer by profession and a cook for fun–writes this cooking blog. When I write a blog entry, I basically pull from a list of ideas/schemes/ponderances and write […]

Pet Peeve #24: The Pronunciation of "Thames"

I’m not one to pronounce words correctly. The classic example of this is “vehemently,” which I pronounced–with full vigor–“vah-hem-en-ent-ly” (yes, I added several new letters to the word). So River Thames, help a brother out. Is it really necessary that you’re pronounced “Tims”? One, it’s clearly “Thames,” as in “James” with a lisp. Two, it […]


I’m totally forgetting who alerted me to this website, but I’d highly recommend you go to and spend 30 seconds their answering a few questions. CommonCensus is an attempt to redraw geographical boundaries based on factors other than state lines. The most fascinating aspect to me is the maps resulting from the sports surveys. […]


Apparently there’s a long e-mail going around with some insightful ruminations from the website Ruminations (I can only assume that this is a knockoff of my first blog, Irruminations). Some of these are really great, so I thought I’d share my favorites with you. The full list is here. I wish Google Maps had an […]

The Wellinghoff System

I’ve decided to write one entry a week about blogs written by friends of mine or people whose blogs I read every day. A friend of mine went out on a limb today and started a simple blog on WordPress to post his weekly college football rankings. This friend is a huge college football fan, […]

5 Ways to Ensure That People Like You

I’ve been writing Guy Talk entries for this blog for a long time. One of the most read entries was 8 Things Every Man Should Know. Of course, there are more than 8 things every man should know, so I thought I’d revisit that theme today. 5 Ways to Ensure That People Like You Handshakefulness. […]

A Tuesday Request

About a month ago, I decided to rent out my condo. Promoting the facts that it’s near Barnes-Jewish hospital and it’s completely furnished, I quickly received a bunch of requests. The request that stood out among the rest was from a family that needed a place near the hospital to stay while their daughter received […]


Every once in a while I have a question to which Google and Twitter don’t know the answer. Today, for example, I had a question about the iPhone. I wanted to know if people in St. Louis have any problems with AT&T’s service for iPhones. Very specific, very targeted. Fortunately, I had just learned about […]

Pet Please #11: Parking Meters with Time Remaining

It’s almost a pet please to find a parking spot during the lunch rush. So when you finally find that spot, you’re already feeling a little lucky. You fish out a few quarters and a mangy nickel from your center console and walk over to the parking meter, only to find… …that there’s time remaining […]

She's Neeraja. She's a Flosser.

Below is Neeraja’s follow-up to my post about flossing. It’s very good. Okay, I’ll admit it. I haven’t always been an adamant flosser. When I was a kid, I had a lot of cavities. You’d think the memory of those painful fillings would keep floss high on the list of dental priorities, but alas, floss […]