5 Ways to Ensure That People Like You

I’ve been writing Guy Talk entries for this blog for a long time. One of the most read entries was 8 Things Every Man Should Know. Of course, there are more than 8 things every man should know, so I thought I’d revisit that theme today.

5 Ways to Ensure That People Like You

  1. Handshakefulness. Your handshake is your first impression. Jam that area between your thumb and your index finger into the same area on the other person’s hand and squeeze tight. Anything else and you’ve failed.
  2. Ask for Favors. Research shows that people who do you favors like you more than before. The next time somebody at work asks you to do a favor, think about it. You’re more fond of them than before, aren’t you?
  3. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. Basically, don’t not do this. This will turn people against you–people who wanted to help you.
  4. Nicknameification. Give people nicknames. Multiple nicknames, all of the time.
  5. Ask for Advice. This is the ultimate way to get in with people. Informational interviews, networking, picking up women–all you have to do is ask for advice. (Make sure that’s not all you do, but it’s a good start.)

What would you add to this list? Keep in mind that these things are about being earnest, not manipulative.

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