A Tuesday Request

About a month ago, I decided to rent out my condo. Promoting the facts that it’s near Barnes-Jewish hospital and it’s completely furnished, I quickly received a bunch of requests.

The request that stood out among the rest was from a family that needed a place near the hospital to stay while their daughter received stem cell transplants for late-stage lymphoma. They needed to rent a place that was furnished and that could be flexible on the duration of the lease since they didn’t know exactly how long they’d be staying in St. Louis.

It was the perfect fit.

I’m writing about this today because the daughter, a 30-year-old woman named Jill who had her first child last January, just weeks before she was diagnosed with cancer, is receiving the healthy stem cells on Tuesday (her sister is a match). If you have it in your heart to keep her in your thoughts (and prayers, if you swing that way), that would be awesome.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jill and her parents when they moved in two weeks ago–not only were Jill’s attitude and will to live inspiring to me, but her parents were so loving and supportive that I was really moved by their love. I know my parents would do the same for me, and it was really neat to be in the presence of that kind of support.

So today, please root for Jill. I certainly am.

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  1. a simple request … granted
    May Jill and all those affected by her life, know they do not walk this road alone. May they be given the strength to handle the day and all days to follow. Amen


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