I’m totally forgetting who alerted me to this website, but I’d highly recommend you go to and spend 30 seconds their answering a few questions.

CommonCensus is an attempt to redraw geographical boundaries based on factors other than state lines. The most fascinating aspect to me is the maps resulting from the sports surveys. In honor of the first NFL Sunday of the year, check out the map below (click on it for a high-res version):

It’s fascinating to me to see the various areas that people root for NFL teams. Look at the variety of teams supported in the San Diego area–isn’t that odd?

And it goes beyond football–all professional sports have maps on this page. I’ve always wondered where the Cubs fans stopped and the Cardinals fans began–now I know.

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  1. Dude, that’s not the San Diego area…that’s the Los Angeles area, which does not have an NFL team….which is why there are so many different rooting interests there.


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