In Search of Monsters

I’ve mentioned JoshVision’s new blog and website in passing on this blog before, but I figured he deserved a proper shoutout like the other blogger friends I’ve talked about recently.

Josh created his site mostly to start getting the word out about a collection of short stories he’s publishing called In Search of Monsters. Josh is an extremely talented writer who deserves to be read–I can’t praise his work enough. I particularly like anything he writes with southern flair, old people, or creepy stuff. I have a feeling there’s lots of all that in his collection.

He’s also writing a blog on the site about writing and, of course, monsters. Today’s entry was particularly amusing, but I’d recommend that you check out some of his older posts on writing. They’re really insightful. I talk to Josh all the time, and he’s way more insightful on the blog than he is on the phone. So just read his blog–don’t start randomly calling him.

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