Judicial Peach

Continuing my weekly series of shout-outs to friends and other bloggers I admire, I highly suggest that you check out the blog Judicial Peach. A friend of mine–a lawyer by profession and a cook for fun–writes this cooking blog.

When I write a blog entry, I basically pull from a list of ideas/schemes/ponderances and write something off the top of my head with as little research as possible.

Charles, on the other hand, puts legitimate time into every entry, because every entry is based on something he cooked. And sometimes it’s something that he had to cook multiple times before getting it right. And he researches the origin and meaning behind the dish. And he takes professional-grade photographs of his food.

If you love to eat, or even if you just love to think about the idea of delicious food, check out Judicial Peach. Feel free to salivate.

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  1. What a sweet shout-out, and I second your sentiments entirely! Charles’ camera provides tangible proof of his dedication to Judicial Peach. On any given day, you’ll find one or two photos of us from a recent outing and several hundred photos of almond butter or oatmeal pancakes. If I didn’t get to sample the results of his culinary adventures, I might be jealous!

    Love your blog, Jamey!


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