Pet Please #11: Parking Meters with Time Remaining

It’s almost a pet please to find a parking spot during the lunch rush. So when you finally find that spot, you’re already feeling a little lucky. You fish out a few quarters and a mangy nickel from your center console and walk over to the parking meter, only to find…

…that there’s time remaining on the meter.

Even a few minutes is a delight without comparison. But 30 minutes? Sometimes in the 40s?! That’s a free ride, my friends. Pocket that change.

I had this happen today as I parked to meet a friend at Wasabi. 32 glorious minutes remaining on the meter. Witnesses may or may not have seen a hop in my step as I walked to the restaurant.

If you like Pet Pleases, check out a similar concept called 1000 Awesome Things. It’s like every pet please, ever. In fact, there’s already even a post on there about Pet Please #11.

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  1. T-Mac says:

    Guess what else is one of “1000 Awesome Things”! Flossing!


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