The Dessert Tribulations

I. Love. Dessert.

Dessert is the perfect end to a meal for me. In fact, I consider it part of the meal. No meal is complete without dessert.

Yesterday, however, I ran out of dessert. It was 9:30 at night and I hadn’t had my post-meal snackie. The only sweet things I had in my place were some old Japanese candies in my travel bag (insight: I was last in Japan in 2002) and a SmartOnes fudge brownie my girlfriend left in the freezer a month ago.

I’ve known the SmartOne has been a dessert option for a while now, but I’ve never seriously considered it. Why eat a “lite” dessert when you could have a real dessert? Plus, I loathe aspartame.

I checked the SmartOne and was pleased to discover that it had real sugar in it–good old fashioned corn syrup. So I ate it. And it was decent. All was good in the world.

Then came today.

I worked until 9:00 and then drove to the ATM to get some cash for my travels this weekend (look for a high-school reunion survival guide next week, if I survive). On the way there, I realized that I’d be driving past a grocery store (land of desserts), so I used my iPhone to safely look up the phone number to see if they were open…and then were not.

I then drove to the library (land of no desserts) to drop off a book, and then I begrudgingly headed home.

Then I realized that there was a BP on the way home.

BP = king-size candy bars = dancing with chocolate unicorns filled with sweet peanut butter.

I think I actually broke into song when I realized that I would indeed have dessert tonight. I’ll spare you the details/lyrics, and I can’t really remember them. All I can say is that it was a joyous occasion in my car. I probably came a lot closer than I realize to just driving the car straight into the BP to the candy rack.

The woman must have thought I was either crazy or high as I paced between the aisles of candy. Chocolate, obviously, was my objective, but which one? Should I get two? Did I want crunchy or smooth? Milk or dark? Nuts or no nuts?

I finally selected a peanut butter Twix and a NutRageous. I ended up eating the Twix with milk while watching How I Met Your Mother…it was incredible.

If you were me, which candy bar would you have bought?

0 thoughts on “The Dessert Tribulations”

  1. Ummm…sounds like you need, yet again, a positive intervention via cookies. Don’t starve your soul for what it really desires- give in to the cookies. They want you and you want them. Lol!

  2. A bag of Riesens or the chocolate unicorns filled with sweet peanut butter. Whichever one was the cheapest.

    I understand the Riesens are not a candy bar, but they are a delicious chocolate treat that more gas stations should carry. Like chocolate covered raisins.

    Nam nam.

  3. If we were neighbors, you’d never be without dessert. I love to bake, but I never eat much of what I make. Not for lack of taste, mind you, but I seem to fill up on the dessert during the baking process — without eating any of it! Not sure why the laws of physics cease to function in my kitchen, but I always end up feeling full and 5 lbs heavier after I bake something, even though I didn’t have a single bite. Of course, my kids never complain.


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