Where in the World Is My iPhone

Two years ago, I posted on this blog that I’d never buy an iPhone because of the lack of a tactile keyboard.

I take it all back. I bought an iPhone.

I won’t go into the reasons here, beyond the fact that I called Sprint, my service provider for the last 7 years, and gave them the opportunity to get me to stay with them.

Their response? “We’re better off without you.” Essentially.

So I bought an iPhone. Online. Because I do all of my shopping online.

What does Apple do? Instead of sending me an iPhone from a store in St. Louis, with minimal shipping cost or time, they ship me an iPhone from China. I wish there were such a thing as double italics, because I’d use it for “from China.”

Why? And why did it take 7 days (“business days” my ass. Every day in China is a business day) to ship it? And why has it been in Anchorage for over a day now (yes, I’m tracking it obsessively).

The only thing that could make this better is if my iPhone goes overseas again before ending up in St. Louis. This had better be some tricked-out iPhone once it gets here.

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  1. The BlackBerry was a suitable compromise, and if Sprint had given me a special deal on it, that’s probably what I would’ve done. But they didn’t. On top of that, I know me, and I realized at some point that if I got anything other than an iPhone, I’d read about all these cool apps coming out over the next couple of years and wish I had just gotten an iPhone. So I saved myself the trouble and just got one. I hope I can type on it!

    • Maybe this is the first time it’s happened. That’s why it took so long to ship. The Apple execs got the order and looked at each other and said, “What do we do with this?” Somebody threw out the idea to send it to China, and nobody disagreed.

      In all seriousness, I don’t like waiting in lines. At all. I was at the Galleria the other day to see a movie, and when we walked past the Apple store, it was packed. I didn’t want to deal with that hassle. In hindsight, I’d probably have an iPhone by now.

  2. Or, for that matter, any AT&T store? They set up the whole thing for you in the store, move over your phone number and contacts so you walk out with a functioning iPhone…

  3. Call your local AT&T stores. Some of them have a wire they can use to connect your old phone to your new phone and transfer the contacts. They’ll do it for you if they have the wire.


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