The Solution

I have a solution to three of the biggest problems facing America today. I’ve shared this idea with several people, and 100% of them agree that it’s an idea. The three biggest problems I’m talking about: Obesity Energy Unemployment The solution will require some government spending, but it could be done with private capital as … Read more

Poll: Posts I've Never Posted

I keep a running list of blog ideas/topics. Some are categorized under various categories (Pet Peeves/Pleases, Management Tactics, Brilliant Ideas, etc.), while most are just lumped under “Truthbits.” (If you’re curious, I use the free version of Backpack as my list software.) I’ve noticed over time that if I don’t write about an entry when … Read more

The Daily Race Against Salma Hayek

By far, the biggest reason people end up at my blog after search on Google is searching on Google Images for Salma Hayek. This is the result of a photo I posted last February (you just clicked that link, didn’t you? Even though you’ve already read that entry! You just wanted to look at Salma … Read more

You, the Innovator

Through a series of fortuitous events, I have been given a book deal. Kind of. I’ve been asked to be the contributing author to a book about innovation, particularly innovation in tough times. This is the real deal. This is a real book that has a top-five publisher and a cover and an ISBN. It … Read more

The One Smelly Guy on the Field

I love pickup sports. My annual trifecta includes soccer in the summer, football in the fall, and kickball in the spring. It’s a great combination to keep me virile and lively. After years of playing these sports, I’ve realized that there’s a phenomenon that branches across all outdoor team or group activities: There’s always one … Read more