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10 Ways to Have the Best Halloween Ever

10 Ways to Have the Best Halloween Ever

Earmuffs, ladies. It’s time for guy talk. Here are 8 simple ways to have the best Halloween ever. Don’t host a Halloween party. Everybody hosts parties on Halloween. All you’re doing by hosting a party is adding one more obligation to your friends’ busy schedules. Don’t go trick-or-treating. Seriously. You’re an adult. Just go buy […]

Freakonomics…and More

You’re getting a triple dose of my weekly shout out today due to some interlinked blogs. If you watched The Daily Show last night, you saw a very nervous Steven Levitt banter with Jon Stewart for a while. Orator he may not be, he’s a great writer and researcher. If you haven’t read his book, […]

Management Tactic #23: Too Good to Be True

The year was 2002. I had returned from my junior year abroad in Japan having resisted buying any tiny, fancy Japanese laptops that wouldn’t have worked at all in America. I needed a laptop, though, because I wanted to take typewritten notes in class. (Which, by the way, I never did. How many people actually […]

The Solution

I have a solution to three of the biggest problems facing America today. I’ve shared this idea with several people, and 100% of them agree that it’s an idea. The three biggest problems I’m talking about: Obesity Energy Unemployment The solution will require some government spending, but it could be done with private capital as […]

Poll: Posts I've Never Posted

I keep a running list of blog ideas/topics. Some are categorized under various categories (Pet Peeves/Pleases, Management Tactics, Brilliant Ideas, etc.), while most are just lumped under “Truthbits.” (If you’re curious, I use the free version of Backpack as my list software.) I’ve noticed over time that if I don’t write about an entry when […]

Saturday Question

Why is it called a “hamburger” even though it’s made from a cow (beef), not a pig (ham)? Best answer wins an invisible $100 bill in an invisible envelope.

The Daily Race Against Salma Hayek

The Daily Race Against Salma Hayek

By far, the biggest reason people end up at my blog after search on Google is searching on Google Images for Salma Hayek. This is the result of a photo I posted last February (you just clicked that link, didn’t you? Even though you’ve already read that entry! You just wanted to look at Salma […]

An Incomplete Life Worth Reading

This is a post in my weekly series about blogs of friends and strangers that I’m really enjoying. I should preface this entry by saying that I read a lot of blogs. Google Reader makes it easy that way. Very, very few of them are personal blogs. I’d say about three. Why is that? Well, […]

You, the Innovator

Through a series of fortuitous events, I have been given a book deal. Kind of. I’ve been asked to be the contributing author to a book about innovation, particularly innovation in tough times. This is the real deal. This is a real book that has a top-five publisher and a cover and an ISBN. It […]

The One Smelly Guy on the Field

I love pickup sports. My annual trifecta includes soccer in the summer, football in the fall, and kickball in the spring. It’s a great combination to keep me virile and lively. After years of playing these sports, I’ve realized that there’s a phenomenon that branches across all outdoor team or group activities: There’s always one […]

Pet Please #12: Unexpected E-Mails from Old Friends

The other day I got an e-mail from an old friend, a guy with whom I studied in Japan, completely out of the blue. Made my day. There were two key elements that made the e-mail so great: It was unexpected. It’s still nice if you see it coming or if you initiated, but getting […]

What You Thought Sex Was When You Were a Kid

(Note: This entry will use some adult language, but it’s not used in a crude or inappropriate way.) At a happy hour today, a few coworkers and I started talking about what we thought sex was when we were kids. All of us had at least one misconception and/or friends who had misconceptions. I thought […]

The Creative Cooler

The Creative Cooler

For this week’s shout out to a blog I read, enjoy, and admire, I’d like to share with you a blog called The Creative Cooler. It’s a blog written by a friend of mine about advertising. She hasn’t been able to post all that often lately, but I assure you that it’s worth subscribing. In […]

Management Tactic #6: Say Your Phone Number Like You Just Learned It

I get a lot of voicemails on my office phone. I’m up from my desk a lot, and it seems there is a 100% chance that people will call me when I’m in the bathroom (which is in my office, so I can hear the phone ring). When I listen to voicemails, I always have […]

Obama Wins Additional Nobel Prizes

Obama Wins Additional Nobel Prizes

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) – A few days after receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama was awarded his second, third, and fourth Nobel prizes over the Columbus Day weekend. Obama told reporters that he was “shocked, humble, and inspired” by himself. In addition to the Peace prize, Obama will receive Nobel prizes in Economics, […]

A Summer of Sopranos

A Summer of Sopranos

This past summer, I decided to watch the Sopranos for the first time. All 6 seasons via Netflix. There was no other TV on, and I figured I needed to experience the critically acclaimed show. Plus, I love mob movies, especially Goodfellas. If you haven’t watched The Sopranos, feel free to read without risk of […]

Management Tactic #34: Dress Up When You Go Up

People treat you differently depending on what you wear. Try going to a job interview dressed in slacks and a blazer, and then try the same thing in a nice suit. An interviewer knows that you’re taking him seriously when you dress in the suit, and he’ll take you seriously in return. I consider airline […]

A Date’s Survival Guide to a 10-Year High School Reunion

This is a guest post by my girlfriend, Nancy. So your significant other is getting old.  It’s inevitable.  Unless you’re dating Benjamin Button.  A 10-year high school reunion is in the near future and there’s a good chance that if he decides to go, you’ll be asked to go with him.  You’re not excited about […]

2018 Winter Olympics: Antarctica

2018 Winter Olympics: Antarctica

The basic premise of this entry: How cool would it be to have the winter Olympics in Antarctica? It would be, hands down, the most visually fascinating Olympics of all time. Integrating the infrastructure into the ice and snow would unite creative and engineering minds around the world and would leave Antarctica with facilities that […]

High School Reunion

High School Reunion

The first thing you should know is that a 10-year high school reunion is nothing like High School Musical. (Although, that would be a good subtitle for HSM 8.) At least in my case, as I learned this past weekend, it’s not really that crazy. I have some statistics to share from my high school […]

Six Movies I'm Looking Forward to in 2009

Where the Wild Things Are (October 16): The book has 11 sentences. The movie’s going to be so much more. Avatar (December 18): It’s supposed to be a revolution and a revelation in 3D. Up in the Air (): Filmed in St. Louis, looks like a movie that’ll make me think…and feel. Fantastic Mr. Fox […]