An Incomplete Life Worth Reading

This is a post in my weekly series about blogs of friends and strangers that I’m really enjoying.

I should preface this entry by saying that I read a lot of blogs. Google Reader makes it easy that way. Very, very few of them are personal blogs. I’d say about three.

Why is that? Well, I generally think that for me to get something out of a blog, it has to be about something that could help move my life forward or increase the information I have to make good decisions in my life. Whether that’s in regards to technology, business, publishing, etc–those blogs give me useful information that I’m glad I have. The rest are humor blogs.

Given those parameters, I recently found a very personal blog that really makes me think about things. I don’t know the person who writes this blog, but she shares stories from her life (which is completely different from mine) in a way that makes me evaluate my own life. It’s called “my life, incomplete.”

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