An Incomplete Life Worth Reading

This is a post in my weekly series about blogs of friends and strangers that I’m really enjoying.

I should preface this entry by saying that I read a lot of blogs. Google Reader makes it easy that way. Very, very few of them are personal blogs. I’d say about three.

Why is that? Well, I generally think that for me to get something out of a blog, it has to be about something that could help move my life forward or increase the information I have to make good decisions in my life. Whether that’s in regards to technology, business, publishing, etc–those blogs give me useful information that I’m glad I have. The rest are humor blogs.

Given those parameters, I recently found a very personal blog that really makes me think about things. I don’t know the person who writes this blog, but she shares stories from her life (which is completely different from mine) in a way that makes me evaluate my own life. It’s called “my life, incomplete.”

Other blogs I’ve talked about here:

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0 thoughts on “An Incomplete Life Worth Reading”

  1. Thank you, Jamey. This is very flattering! I appreciate having you as a reader (even though I don’t know how you find the time – seriously, secret powers?) 🙂

  2. I started reading Lauren’s Blog after she and I commented on one of your posts a week or so ago. The posts I’ve read thus far include one where you two banter in the comments section. Sorry Jamey, it means that yours is not the only blog I’ve been reading recently (though if you are recomending other blogs, I’m guessing you’re OK with it.

    The topics are insigntful, but I think the entries are a little long for the quick-hits I’m used to. I’m hoping she’s having fun with it. What I’ve read so far is pretty deep, and while it can be cathartic to let it out, as a reader, I hope she is having fun here as well.

    Nice job Lauren, and I’ll keep reading.


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