High School Reunion

reunionThe first thing you should know is that a 10-year high school reunion is nothing like High School Musical. (Although, that would be a good subtitle for HSM 8.) At least in my case, as I learned this past weekend, it’s not really that crazy.

I have some statistics to share from my high school reunion, but before I do that, you should know a little bit about my high school. I attended a school formerly called GSGIS (Governor’s School for Government and International Studies). It was a magnet school that pulled students from Richmond (VA) and surrounding counties/cities. Basically, we were a smart group, and we were small. Our class had about 120 students.

The Facts of the Reunion (some of these may be approximations):

  • Attendees from my class: 63
  • Number of times I was asked, “What do you do?”: 47
  • Number of times I asked, “What do you do?”: 47
  • Number of people who blatantly looked at my nametag to see who I was: 1
  • Number of people from my class who still live in Richmond: 16
  • Number of former girlfriends to whom I introduced Nancy: 3
  • Number of people I didn’t recognize at all: 2
  • Number of Indian guys I mistook for former classmates: 2
  • Number of people whose look has significantly changed: 3
  • Number of former classmates who are pregnant or have kids: 6

I’ll get back to you with revised numbers in 10 years.

5 thoughts on “High School Reunion”

  1. I’m already having nightmares about mine and contemplating not going, good to see that you actually went to yours. I’m afraid that I won’t be good enough for these people who used to torment me 5 times a week for 3.5 years, or that I will have to go there alone and everyone else will have husbands/wives/hookers/slaves on their arms and I won’t. What if my life isn’t as impressive as theirs when I’m asked the “what do you do” question? What if they ask where the husband is? Should I lie to these people? Should I assume that I won’t ever see them again and create a pretend job and family that might appease them more than my real self? Will they still call me names and throw junk at me, even though I no longer have acne and lost 130 pounds? I don’t know. Will they still consider me one of the nerdy people, or will the ones who used to be popular talk to me?
    You know how you sometimes blog your greatest fears? My 10 year high school reunion is without a doubt one of mine. That’s awesome how you went and conquered yours.


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