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TropicanaNewFor this week’s shout out to a blog I read, enjoy, and admire, I’d like to share with you a blog called The Creative Cooler. It’s a blog written by a friend of mine about advertising. She hasn’t been able to post all that often lately, but I assure you that it’s worth subscribing.

In any given entry, The Creative Cooler will dissect a recent ad, design, or marketing campaign. For example, one of my favorite entries was about how the newly redesigned Tropicana carton made it look generic, not smooth (even though by modern standards the new design was technically “better”). The entry were completely right. I went to the grocery story and couldn’t even find Tropicana because it blended in with all the generics. And I wanted to find Tropicana!

Right now the blog has devoted a few entries to the world of models and airbrushing. Very interesting commentary.

If you watch commercials or see advertisements and think “What’s up with that?”, you need to read The Creative Cooler.

Also, I should probably start keeping a tally of the other blogs I’ve recommended. They’re below:

The Makansi Effect (writing)

In Search of Monsters (writing, humor)

Judicial Peach (cooking)

The Wellinghoff System (college football)

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