The Daily Race Against Salma Hayek

By far, the biggest reason people end up at my blog after search on Google is searching on Google Images for Salma Hayek. This is the result of a photo I posted last February (you just clicked that link, didn’t you? Even though you’ve already read that entry! You just wanted to look at Salma Hayek for a few seconds) for a poll between Hayek and Penelope Cruz (the poll is still open, by the way; 600 people have voted on it!).

I’m pleased with the success of that post. However, for the most part, people who search for “Salma Hayek” only see her photo when they click through, not the entire blog entry. So every day when I check my blog stats, it is my greatest wish that an entry that I actually wrote does better than a photo of Salma Hayek.

This hardly ever happens. But it certainly keeps things interesting. I mean, if you have to run a daily race, who would you rather race against than Salma Hayek? Maybe I should just let her win.

I should also note that the second-most popular entry (thanks to searches and its ranking on my Top Posts sidebar widget) is an entry I actually wrote about Puerto Rico that I’m pretty pleased with. And always up there is the infamous entry about the hottest animated Disney female…looks like my shell-bra friend is still in the lead. (Sidenote: How many of the ladies out there are dressing up as a Disney character for Halloween?).


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