What's the Best Length for You?

You may notice that I post a lot of lists on this blog. I do that because lists are easy to read and easy to skim. They’re idea for the blog format.

One other interesting quality about lists is that you know what you’re getting into when you read a subject line. Maybe you read the first item or two and then decide if it’s a list worth reading in full.

I figure that there’s an ideal list length for everything, and I intend to find out what works best. To contribute to this, please vote below, pretending that you just stumbled upon a blog with X number of pieces of advice on a certain topic. When it comes to advice, do you want a short list that boils the advice down to a few key points–3 or 5 items–or a longer, more comprehensive list–7 or 10 items? I’m not including all numbers because I don’t think our brains are made to make choices between that many items.

Thanks, and I’ll post similar polls on different topics in upcoming weeks (i.e., maybe you prefer short lists of advice but long lists of humor or recommendations, and so on). If you have any topics that would apply to this experiment, let me know.

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  1. ok so maybe my head is in the gutter, but the title for this piece in your blog sounded dirty. I gasped and then read further. Be glad I didn’t post my real response to what I thought the question was!


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