How I Saved the Environment Today

I saved the environment a few times a couple years ago by carpooling to work. I also save the environment on a regular basis by turning off lights when I leave the room, letting the yellow mellow, buying organic meat when I can, using canvas grocery bags, and recycling.

Today I took it all to a new level.

Basically, I’m fed up with junk mail. It’s absolutely preposterous that I get credit card applications, refinancing proposals, and random supermarket ads in the mail. I don’t want any of that. Those are trees in your mailbox, beautiful, resplendent trees shaved into sheets and tattooed with photos of friend chicken and commemorative coins.

Amazingly, the government subsidizes that crap.

After 28+ years of dealing with junk mail, I took action today. I went to and paid for them to put a halt to all my junk mail. 41pounds is a nonprofit that contacts all the junk mail distributors and takes your name of their lists (an adult receives approximately 41 pounds of junk mail a year, hence the name). It costs $41 for 5 years, which–quick, do the math–comes out to be about 2 cents a day. I’d gladly give a couple pennies to open a junk-mail-free mailbox every day.

While you’re at it, go to to cancel your yellow page phonebook as well. Who still uses those?

I think saving the environment and reducing your own junk mail is incentive enough to go to 41pounds right now and take care of business. But I’ll put a cherry on top. If you sign up for 41pounds within the next week, I’ll let you take over my blog for the day. You can have me write about anything you want or you can write an entry and be read by hundreds of adoring Salma Hayek fans. Anything goes.

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