Management Tactic #27: Earth, Wind, and Fire

In Japan, every morning millions of workers do something called rajio taiso before they start working. Rajio taiso is basically a series of stretches and movements to get your blood flowing and your muscles–including your mind–limber. It’s also 15 minutes of togetherness for hundreds of employees doing what is essentially a series of funny movements together.

A few weeks ago, the interns at my work decided they wanted to make a music video based on a spoof of the Earth, Wind, and Fire song September. They wanted to eventually use the video as a way to promote the place where I work to the students we cater to.

Filming the video didn’t take much time for the staff–most of the parts are solo acts or dances that the interns performed alone. But there were a few parts that required most of the staff to participate.

Honestly, it was probably some of the best bonding we’ve ever done.

Learning the dance moves, poking fun at each other, and eventually working in synchronization to get it down on film was an incredible group experience. And then there were the 4 minutes we spent today watching the finished product.

I can’t show the entire video yet (it’ll drop in December), but I’ll show you a raw clip that we actually filmed today. I’m the guy in the brown coat.

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