The Best Food in St. Louis

Having lived in St. Louis for over 10 years, I’ve developed intimate relationships with specific restaurants and food selections. Thus I present to you my Best of St. Louis list. Bookmark this page if you ever decide to visit St. Louis, and comment below if you disagree or have something to add. I’ve listed these in no particular order. I’ve noted after each restaurant what I order (and how much the whole order costs), which, coincidentally, is what I highly recommend you order. I also mapped all of these restaurants on the map linked at the bottom of the post in case you choose your restaurant by location.

Best Steak: Iron Barley / Special Cut Smoked Ribeye Stake + BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Appetizer = $20

Best Burger: Liluma / The Burger = $9

Best Bar Food: Barrister’s / Blackened Tilapia Sandwich + Soft Pretzels and Guinness Cheese Sauce = $15

Best Dessert: The Cupcakery / Plain Confetti Cupcake Cookie = $2

Best Pizza: Dewey’s Pizza / Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza with Red Sauce = $14

Best BBQ: Pappy’s Smokehouse / Pulled Pork Sandwich + Sweet Tea = $10

Best Italian: Bartolino’s Osteria / Canoli = $15

Best Drink: Bailey’s Chocolate Bar / Chocolate Stout Beer Shake = $5

Best Mediterranean: Coffee Oasis / Deluxe Gyro with Tzaziki and Hummus = $9

Best Mexican: Chavas / El Mireko + Chile con Queso = $9

Best French: Atlas Restaurant / Grilled Lamb Loin Chops + Piccolo Frito with Lemon Garlic Aoli = $23

Best Vietnamese: Miss Saigon / Chicken Curry = $9

Best Japanese: Wasabi / Wasabi Special Roll + Clayton Roll = $20

Best Appetizers: 1111 Mississippi / Wild Boar Ravioli + Oak Oven Roasted Mussels = $22

Best Breakfast: Roosters / Banana and Nutella Crepe = $7

Best Vegetarian: Kaldi’s in Demun / Cheese Burrito = $6

Best Deli: Vivola Express / Boar’s Head Meat Sandwich with Spicy Mustard + Free Popcorn
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