My First (and Only) Music Video

I posted a few weeks ago about a music video that the interns at my work filmed with all of us. They based the video nearly shot for shot off an exaggerated video of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s song September. Check out that video here so you can truly appreciate how precise the interns were in copying it.

Or you can just watch the real video, which is really awesome too. I’m the guy in the brown jacket. I don’t get to do much until the later scenes…yeah, I was trying really hard not to mess up. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “My First (and Only) Music Video”

  1. Mr. Jamey,

    Really really great job done by all involved. One of the great things that people don’t realize is that whether or not you can actually “dance”, it is the commitment to what you are doing that sells it. People get self conscious and kinda just phone it in. Always the wrong thing to do. People will never make fun of you if you enjoy it and give it your all. Whats great about your video and the one that your group was copying, is that everyone SOLD it!!! They put their all into it. Thats what makes it entertaining.
    I don’t know if you have seen the “Pink Glove Dance” on, but if you havent I urge you to check it out. Wonderful story where a hospital in Oregon were challenged to create a video to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. The glove company offered free mamograms and funding to the hospital if they created a video that had over a million hits on To date, the video has over FOUR million hits and that is just in a few weeks!!! I believe what makes this SOOOO great is that the people being filmed SOLD IT!!! No one just “kinda” did it. They put their heart and soul into every step. So wonderful when peoples efforts and giving their all for a cause…
    So take it folks as a life lesson,,, just jump in and sell it!!! Good things will come from it!!! Always, always, always….

  2. Love it! 🙂 The interns did a fabulous job – you certainly have a very talented and creative group of people over there! I could tell that everyone put a lot of time and effort into making this video. (And was that Fr. Gary I saw dancing with a boombox?!)

    Oh, and by the way – nice dance moves. 🙂 I think you did a fine job!

      • Yeah, I actually think that my office would have a lot of fun doing something like this – maybe a little TOO much fun! But I can see where it would be a great team-building exercise. I did hear that we’re supposed to be getting a Flip Video from the national office soon … so you might have opened a big can of worms here, Jamey!

  3. Ok, Jamey, that was fun! Were you really in it? I couldn’t ID you…some of the dancing was awesome. No wonder no one watches MTV anymore.

    My only other comment is this troupe must be big fans of “The Office.”


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