Confession #10: The Smelling Circle

Okay, this is going to be a little weird.

I have a fairly sensitive nose. Good smells (popcorn, Angel perfume, campfires, etc.) have a powerful effect on me. Bad smells (body odor, mildew, other people’s farts, Cheetos, etc.) have a profoundly negative impact on me.

I love how women smell. You all are delicious. I’m curious about how you want us guys to smell, hence the Saturday question on the blog about your favorite cologne (the most common answer seems to be Aqua di Gio). I wear Aqua di Gio on occasion, but mostly I like the way I smell with Old Spice deoderant.

I think my sensitive nose partially stems back to when I was younger. I got migraine headaches on a fairly frequent basis back then, and when I did, the slightest smell would send me reeling. Even good smells.

Mostly, though, I’m curious about how things smell. Especially things that come in contact with my hands. Like, you know how when you get orange or onion or garlic or wet sponge on your hand, it smells for days afterward? For the most part, those smells aren’t good. They’re pungent. But I’m absolutely fascinated by how they make my hands smell.

A former girlfriend noticed my penchant for smelling things (especially myself), and coined a phrase for it: The Smelling Circle. The Smelling Circle started with one member (me) and expanded to Biddy a few years ago (he’s also fascinated by how all this–including my hands–smell). We’ve been smelling things together since ’07.

I know, this is weird. There’s really no good reason for me to post about it. But it’s time for the Smelling Circle to be revealed to the world. We’re open for membership. We’re here, we like to smell things, and we’re proud of it.