My Greatest Fear #3

We got a few inches of light powder in St. Louis last night, so this morning I had to brush the snow off my car. This happens a few times every year, and it ices over a few other times.

I always turn on the car before I start brushing/scraping. Here’s where my third greatest fear kicks in: I don’t close my driver’s side door all the way. I legitimately think that the door is going to lock behind me with the key in the ignition.

It’s really a matter of faith. People tell me that the car “knows” not to lock my door. How does it know?! It’s a car! My car doesn’t “know” to prevent magpies from taking giant berry poops on the door handles. My car doesn’t even “know” to unlock all the doors sometimes when I click the “unlock” button on the remote twice. She’s a smart car, my Camry XLE, but I have a feeling she’d lock me out and have some alone time if I gave her the chance.

As a result, I leave the door open when I brush snow off the car. Not all the way open–just enough that some snow ends up in the car. It’s not too bad. It’s worth the sacrifice.

Is this a common fear? Or are spudopticaphobia and dinner-roll-open-ophobia more common?