What Do Women Assume About Men?

Part I of this post can be found here. After each question, you’ll see what Lauren thought my answer would be in pink (because she’s a girl and girls have to like pink by federal law), and my actual answer in blue.

1. Assuming no mapping technology (internet, GPS, etc.), what do you do when you get lost?

Stop immediately and ask for directions, so as not to waste time or go out of the way.

Get naked and run down the street screaming. Or, if I don’t panic, I call my girlfriend.

2.  How many times per year do you cry?

Ten. Jamey seems to have a sensitive side, and ten is a little under once a month.  Totally just a guess.

I’m a huge crier at sappy, emotional things. I see a lot of movies and cry at least once a movie on average, so probably about 40 times a year.

“Sensitive” is a bit of an understatement. Well, when it comes to watching movies. I think I teared up twice while watching Invincible the other day. And then I went to try out for the Rams.

Lauren guess for me exactly what I guessed for her.

3.  What is your pet peeve about the opposite gender?

Women are too emotionally charged.

Women who make assumptions and hide their true intentions.

4.  TV on at bedtime or no?

No.  I bet Jamey reads before lights out and then it’s off to dreamland.

Never! I don’t want a television in the bedroom.

Perfect. Well done, Lauren.

5.  Would you rather receive a sentimental/thoughtful gift, expensive gift or a practical gift?

Practical gift.


6.  Would you rather have fun or save money?

Save money.

I don’t necessarily see the two contradicting one another. I can be frugal, but I like to retain money for “big fun,” like trips and adventures. I can usually be convinced to order a “fun” meal instead of eating what we had planned.

7.  How many minutes per day do you spend getting ready?

25, including a shower.

It takes me about 35 minutes to go to the bathroom, shave, shower, dry, go to the bathroom again, get dressed, and do hair/deodorant. I eat breakfast at work and brush teeth afterwards. It’s a precise regimen that cannot be interrupted by woman nor beast.

8.  Assuming you lived within 20 minutes of your parents, how often would you visit them?

Once a month.

Once a month. Maybe more for little things.

Wow, Lauren batted .500 today! Now click over to Lauren’s blog to see if I know anything about women (specifically, Lauren).

What types of assumptions do you make about women or men? What types of assumptions do people make about you? What are your answers to these questions?