Pet Please #21

Please excuse the temporary state of this blog. I’m in the process of moving to and adapting a new theme, which will essentially look like this. I will ask for your opinion on the new theme, but until it’s finalized, please hold your thoughts.

I’m going to be up front about this: I don’t own any tearaway clothing. But it looks like so much fun!

Riddle me this: When have you ever seen someone rip away tearaway clothing on TV or in the movies, and the results weren’t awesome? I saw it two weeks ago on Community, Heather Graham does it in Boogie Nights, and even Ashton Kutcher does it every time he hosts SNL. It’s always a hilarious moment (or sexy, in the case of Heather Graham).

Tearaway clothing says, “I’m ready to do this, right now.” You don’t have time to unbutton or unzip–you need those clothes off now! You know what I’m talking about, Superman.

Imagine what you could do if all of your clothing tore away. Say you go to what you think is a fancy dinner, but it’s actually a casual potluck. One tug at your tuxedo, and suddenly you’re wearing a tuxedo t-shirt and shorts!

It’s good for any entrance, any declarative statement, any grand gesture. Of course, you’d also need someone to follow you around to pick up the clothing and rebutton it for you, because there’s nothing more arduous than doing it yourself.

Have you ever used tearaway clothing to make a point?