This question was posed to me recently, and I had to really think about it. At its heart, what is romance to me? In light of Valentine’s Day (a holiday I generally celebrate in some way the weekend before or after but not the weekend of, just to show the industry who’s in charge), I’m going to try to answer that question.

Here’s what romance is to me:

Romance to me–someone who likes to be in control–is losing control. Not in a reckless way. In a loving, sometimes passionate, way.

Romance to me is not completely understanding what you’re doing, but you know it’s the only thing you can do.

Romance is falling in love not because it’s what you do after a first kiss and some dates and sharing yourself…it’s falling in love because you have no other choice. And it’s deep and vulnerable and maybe even confusing, but it happens and the best you can do is embrace it and roll with it.

Romance is that magnetism between two people that is, perhaps, partially lust, but it’s so much more than that.

Romance is loving someone so much that it hurts. And it’s the best kind of hurt.

What about you, Valentine’s readers of the world? What is romance to you?

It was a brief love, what Toothy and I had. But it was beautiful.

1 thought on “Romance”

  1. Romance is a fictional thing, it doesn’t exist for real people. Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday ever and only used in today’s world to make normally happy, single people feel unloved or not wanted just because they don’t have someone to take up their time. There should be a holiday for single people, a day where all the mushy, lovey dovey couples are locked up and the awesome single people who just haven’t found someone to compliment them yet can be free to go out and about without people giving them weird looks.
    No such thing as romance, it’s all about physical attraction and lust. If someone doesn’t find you attractive then you’re just screwed for life and better learn to enjoy singleness. It’s not fair to be judged on how you look, especially when you have a killer personality, but hey that’s how the world works. Romance/love is the worst kind of hurt, your heart always gets shredded beyond recognition in the end and then people wonder why you decide to remain single for months or years afterward. It hurts emotionally and it takes time to find things to replace that space in your heart. Romance should be considered a curse word and Valentine’s Day should be banned.


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