My Favorite Tweets

On Twitter, you have the capability of saving your favorite tweets. I rarely remember to do this, and when I do, it’s most often something I’ve written that cracks me up or an interesting link I’ve stumbled upon. If you want the full list (especially the cool links, none of which I’ll post here), click … Read more

The Rom Com of Your Life

I asked people on Twitter the other day what their favorite romantic comedies were. I got some great answers, most of which I had seen, but there were a few diamonds in the rough that I’ll have to watch before April (in April I’ll embark on Script Frenzy). Many of you gave me great feedback … Read more

My Technology Dream

I think we all have some dream of using/obtaining a piece of technology that doesn’t exist yet. Maybe something that a movie has shown us–an anti-gravity skateboard. A lightsaber. A virtual reality chamber. A mech suit. These types of technologies fascinate me, and I truly hope they become reality someday. But there’s one piece of … Read more

A Different Type of Love

Growing up, I had very little contact with domesticated animals. My mother was really allergic to cats and dogs, so we had a few gerbils, but that was it. I’d encounter dogs every now and then, but I didn’t understand what they wanted from me with their sniffing and licking and growling. I had very … Read more