My Greatest Fear #5: Getting Stuck to Something Frozen

I know what comes to your mind when you read that headline. It’s that image of the kid with his tongue stuck to the flagpole.

I’m not worried about that. I’m not dumb enough to stick my tongue on any frozen surface. Or really any surface. (Okay, any non-female surface.)

However, there are frozen things that I must touch. More often than not, those things come out of the freezer.  I make cookies for work sometimes at work from frozen cookie dough. Our industrial freezer is so cold that it’ll turn any surface into skin-stick central. I literally cringe at the thought of this happening. What would I do, lug around a box of frozen cookies attached to my hand for the rest of my life? I’m too young for that!

The same with ice cubes. If I ever touch ice cubes, I make sure that my skin is completely dry before doing so. I simply can’t stand the feeling of ice sticking to my fingers, even for a millisecond.

This is part irrational fear (getting poison ivy in your eye) and part tactile discomfort (getting your fingernail caught in a cotton ball). The combination of the two makes me queasy.

Do you share this fear? What’s your greatest fear? My others are spudopticaphobiadinner-roll-open-ophobia, carlockophobia, and leftturnophophia?

24 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear #5: Getting Stuck to Something Frozen”

  1. The fingernail/cottonball thing gives me the heeby jeebies. I feel you. Ice? Not so much. I’m not dying to stick my hand in a freezer or anything, but it doesn’t scare me.

  2. I have an honest phobia of stinging insects. It’s embarrassing. I’ve stripped in public before in a wild panic, sure the bee was stuck in the folds of my clothes.

    Weird tactile things? Teeth grinding together. *shiver* Also – the crunchy toothpaste the dentist uses.

    • Stinging insects are no fun. I’ve had similar reactions. Did you at least retain some clothes?

      Teeth grinding, definitely. Ha ha…good call on the crunchy toothpaste. Teeth chewing ice is something that sends shivers through me.

  3. You were totally right about the image that came to mind when I read the title!

    And I couldn’t agree more about the fingernail/cotton ball thing! I also have a major fear of dead mice. Having to dispose of a dead mouse gives me shivers all day long.

    • Ah, dead mice. I’m okay with them if I’m prepared to see them. But if I stumble upon one…well, I’m never happy about that.

  4. Right along with the “Poison Ivy in the eye”, is my greatest fear, Papercut on the eyeball. There is also an outside corner of my building that is right at eyeball height with a pointy metal joint on it. Every time I walk past it on the sidewalk, I make sure to check the ground to be sure there’s nothing I can trip on, cross to the street-side of the sidewalk, and sometimes, put my hand out in line with the point (so if I was to fall, I would not loose an eye).

    • It sounds like you’d end up with something much worse than a papercut if you gouged your eye on that metal joint!

  5. I have an unnatural fear of a perpendicular broadsword getting painfully stuck between my two front teeth. It’ll never happen, but every now and then I imagine it happening, and it terrifies me.

      • What’s the name of that movie?

        I think it was to see if I actually listen to them and I did. I stood there, watched cold steam rising from my orange popsicle. I still eat popsicles, but if I can see cold steam coming from them, I let them get a bit “warmer” then I eat them.

  6. I am not afraid of ice, but I am afraid of being hungry… which is silly because I’ve never lived in a third world country and I have never gone a day without food in my life. However, when I’m at work and I have a long meeting coming up, I get frantic. I search for spare change in my desk for the vending machine (animal crackers are my fave), regret not bringing an extra apple or carrot sticks, and try to think of someone who might have a piece of gum. What if I get hungry during the meeting???? Maybe I’m just not tolerant of pain…and now that I think about it, it’s true. Everyday I complain about a body part that is causing me discomfort. Yesterday it was my wrist.

    • Afraid of being hungry. So what happens if you actually get hungry? Do you get headaches or weak-kneed? I share this fear, but it’s for those specific reasons.

  7. Jamey, I agree with you about touching frozen things! Our fridge at work has a metal shelf that the icecube trays and icecube container sit on, and while the icecubes themselves don’t bother me, I hate coming into contact with that cold frosty metal shelf. Ugh!

    I also can’t stand when I’m eating a really chewy caramel, and it gets stuck in and around my teeth! It feels like I’ll never be able to get it off and talk again. And something else that’s silly – I always take a spare kleenex with me wherever I go. I hate the thought of being somewhere and needing a kleenex, and not having one – even if it’s in the middle of summer with no chance of me having a cold or the sniffles. lol.

    • I’m glad you can relate 🙂 Ice gives me the heebie-jeebies.

      I totally hear you about the caramels! Or any sticky candies.

      The kleenex thing…you may be alone on that one 🙂


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