My Greatest Fear #5: Getting Stuck to Something Frozen

I know what comes to your mind when you read that headline. It’s that image of the kid with his tongue stuck to the flagpole.

I’m not worried about that. I’m not dumb enough to stick my tongue on any frozen surface. Or really any surface. (Okay, any non-female surface.)

However, there are frozen things that I must touch. More often than not, those things come out of the freezer.  I make cookies for work sometimes at work from frozen cookie dough. Our industrial freezer is so cold that it’ll turn any surface into skin-stick central. I literally cringe at the thought of this happening. What would I do, lug around a box of frozen cookies attached to my hand for the rest of my life? I’m too young for that!

The same with ice cubes. If I ever touch ice cubes, I make sure that my skin is completely dry before doing so. I simply can’t stand the feeling of ice sticking to my fingers, even for a millisecond.

This is part irrational fear (getting poison ivy in your eye) and part tactile discomfort (getting your fingernail caught in a cotton ball). The combination of the two makes me queasy.

Do you share this fear? What’s your greatest fear? My others are spudopticaphobiadinner-roll-open-ophobia, carlockophobia, and leftturnophophia?