Pet Peeve #15: Unnecessarily Using Foreign Words

When I was growing up studying awesome languages like Japanese and Latin, my brother and sister were studying French. To make matters worse, they did this annoying little thing where they’d be talking to each other in English, and all of a sudden one of them would use a heavily accented French word in the place of a perfectly good English word. Example:

Andrew: Hey Emily, are you going out with your friends tonight?

Emily: As a matter of fact, Andre, Melissa and I are going to the cinema at 8:00.

Andrew: Oo…I’ll come if you buy me some delicious, freshly popped flocons de pop-corn!

Jamey: (rolls eyes)

One, it’s annoying. Two, the French word added nothing to the sentence you just said. Three, it’s just plain annoying.

Sure, you’re probably thinking that my cute little brother and sister were just practicing their French. But if you want to practice a foreign language, you need to speak in complete sentences. Don’t throw in a vocab word now and then. Stretch your mind and force yourself to compose a sentence.

Also, bonus pet peeve/tip to all Americans: Kobe beef isn’t pronounced like the basketball player. It’s “koh-bay.” Also, sake is pronounced “sah-kay.”