Pet Please #22: The Parking Spot No One Else Knows About

Do you have a destination in your area that you visit regularly where parking is difficult? Where people always arrive at the destination and complain about finding a parking spot? But you smile to yourself as they complain. Because there is a parking spot that no one else knows about, and you just parked there.

This makes me immensely happy.

I have a few spots like this in St. Louis. One is a curb in the Central West End that looks like it’s too small for a car, but it’s actually plenty big enough. At one point in history this curb had yellow paint on it, but that paint has long since worn off. I’ve parked there dozens of times and only been ticketed once.

I also have a spot near the UMB Bank Pavilion (an open-air concert area) that lets me avoid all parking fees and avoid outgoing traffic after the concert.

Do you have a parking spot that no one else knows about? On a scale from one to eleven, how much joy does it bring you?