Twin Day

Four years ago at the publishing project management company I used to work for, my coworkers and I were enjoying lunch together in the meeting room (it was a small office). Halfway through my sandwich, I looked over at my coworker, Tracy, and realized that she and I were wearing similar outfits.

“Hey, we match,” I told her.

Another coworker piped up. “Yeah, I was telling Alan earlier that we match too.”

Two other coworkers looked at each other and realized the same thing. Then two others.

Sometimes the stars align and you have a twin day. We had a twin day on March 1, 2006. Completely unplanned, completely coincidental, and very, very eerie. You probably wouldn’t believe it even if you had seen it. Fortunately, we took a photo, so take a leap of faith and salute Twin Day. The weirdest day ever.

14 thoughts on “Twin Day”

  1. As yet another year passes, I pour out a little liquor (Yes, I keep it in my desk drawer at work. Don’t judge me.) in honor of the good old days.

    Despite all of the craziness and practically minimum wage salaries, we had some good times back then.


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