Back on the Bandwagon

I’d like to propose a change of meaning for the expression “back on the bandwagon.”

As it stands, if you’re on the bandwagon, you’re alcohol-free. If you’re off the bandwagon, you’re drinking to your heart’s desire.

But this doesn’t make sense to me. Imagine a bandwagon rolling through town. The band is on the wagon. The bandwagon is the place to be! You get on the wagon–that’s where the party is. That’s where you get a little tipsy.

Eventually, with that big ole’ wagon bouncing down the street, you’re bound to fall off the wagon. When you fall off, you’re alcohol free, because you left all the kegs and body shots back on the wagon. Once you fall off, you join the hordes of bystanders wishing they too could be on the wagon with the people having fun.

Plus, why else would you get on the wagon in the first place if you’re not intending to party? Wouldn’t you just leave the wagon alone? Who gets on a wagon anyway?

I don’t know who I have to talk with to get this changed around, but I’ll find out. You watch me. I’ll do it.