How I Pranked the Interns

My favorite pranks involve misdirection that doesn’t hurt anyone emotionally or physically. Pranks that, although transparent, make the person wonder if it just might be real.

My workplace has four interns. A few months ago they heard about how I pranked the entire staff last year for April Fool’s. It was decreed that no more pranks would follow, so I did a fun little survey for the staff instead this year.

However, the interns got it in their head that I was going to prank them. So over the last few weeks, they’ve been doing little pranks to me. Really small stuff, like switching my nameplate with someone else’s.

With April Fool’s Day approaching, I knew I had to figure out a way to get them. I knew if I did something to them at work, they’d see through it. Plus, I didn’t want to interrupt their workday–Holy Week is really busy for our campus ministers.

Fortunately, three of the interns live in the same house. It’s an intentional community with an older married couple. So I enlisted the help of the couple. Here’s how it went down:

Before Holy Thursday Mass, the couple mentioned to the interns that they had a termite problem arise that evening and they had to call in the exterminator to fumigate most of the rooms of the house. The interns had different reactions to this (some though it was a prank, others started planning ahead for an alternate place to sleep that night), but they didn’t have time to respond because Mass was starting.

After Mass, late at night, the first intern returned home to find that his door–and many other doors in the house, including the bedrooms, were taped over and had the following sign on the door:

This particular intern did what I did not expect any of them to do–he opened the door and walked into his room (and, naturally, found no fumigation device. Some dry ice on the floor would have been perfect.) I had thought that even if someone thought it was a prank, a little part of them would worry about the consequences of opening the door. Not this guy.

Fortunately, he played along, so when the next intern got home, she found the other intern and the couple sitting on the couch (because they didn’t have access to their rooms). This intern believed the prank a lot more than the first one. She even Googled “methyl isocyanate,” which is an actual chemical used for fumigation (thank you, Wikipedia!).

The last intern had the ideal reaction. He truly thought his room was being fumigated, and he was very close to finding another place to sleep that night when the prank was revealed to him.

All in all, I thought the prank went well. No feelings were hurt, and I’m almost even with interns on pranks this year. I need one more to pull ahead for good.

Did you get pranked on April Fool’s Day? Did you prank anyone or hear about any good ones?