How to Be Unexpectedly Sexy

The other day a reader e-mailed me about a topic he had been thinking about recently. I don’t know exactly what triggered this question, but the reader was curious about if I had ever noticed a woman doing a fairly normal, everyday activity and found it unexpectedly sexy. The example he referenced was that a woman wearing a bikini at the beach is expectedly sexy, while a woman shopping for power drills at Home Depot is unexpectedly sexy.

I mentioned this idea to fellow blogger Penelope, and we decided to write companion entries about things we find expectedly sexy about the opposite sex. The pattern I see in my responses is I find women unexpectedly sexy doing things or in situations that are stereotypically male; also, if a woman shows that she is aware of the needs of others–especially strangers–I find that incredibly sexy. There are a few others that fit into neither category.

How to Be Unexpectedly Sexy (for Women)

  1. Smile. It’s that easy. The next time you walk by a guy, smile at him. You’ll make his day
  2. Make an Excel spreadsheet
  3. Be a sportscaster
  4. Hold the door open for someone
  5. Be attentive to the elderly
  6. Pet my cat (literally…my cat, Biddy)
  7. Wear high socks with stripes
  8. Know instinctively where I’m going to pass in Frisbee or soccer and move to that position
  9. Buy fresh food at the grocery store
  10. Get popcorn and a drink at the movie theater

I hope this doesn’t come across as chauvinistic. I’m pretty sensitive to that ever since someone accused me of being a chauvinist in the comments section in a post a few months ago.

What’s something you find unexpectedly sexy about your gender of choice? Go check out Penelope’s perspective too!