My First Book

I got something in the mail on Monday that made me smile. Big time.

This is my first published book.

Wait, you say? My name isn’t on the cover? Indeed it isn’t. I came on too late in the process to have that honor bestowed upon me. But I assure you that I wrote half of this book. See here:

Font too small?

The text on the next page continues, “…exploits and insights at Thank you for your contributions and your dedication.” That’s me! That’s here! This blog! In a book!

Here’s the story of how I got involved with this book. And now it’s real. This is an advance copy; the book won’t actually hit bookstores for another month, but it actually appears to be available in Kindle format on (for way more than the standard $9.99 price).

Now, I should say, I don’t consider this my book. I got lucky with this one–I was just in the right place at the right time and I knew the right person who I was able to help out. It feels great, but the next step is to publish my own book (well, actually, the next step is to publish someone else’s book through my publishing company, Blank Slate Press, but after that…).

Have you ever held your own creation in your hands? How did it feel?