Pet Please #23: Someone Else Washing Your Hair

There are few things in life better than getting your hair washed by someone else.

And no, I’m not talking about the dream situation of having Salma Hayek wash your hair in her shower while teaching you to roll your Rs in ways you never imagined. I’m talking about the simple pleasure of going to a barbershop/salon and getting a shampoo. There’s something about having someone else’s fingers in your sudsy hair that’s just awesome.

I experienced this pleasure of pleasures the other day when I went to the best little barbershop west of the Mississippi, Cutters & Co in the Chase. My stylist was Jennifer, and I have to say that the shampoo was the perfect way to conclude a tough day at work.

A few things about this phenomenon:

  1. Not the same with your own hands Why is this? Shouldn’t our hands be just as effective, if not better, than someone else’s? After all, we can tell our hands to do exactly what we want. Yet somehow another pair of hands is better.
  2. Better when wet Scalp massages are pretty good, but for some reason it’s still better when your hair is all sudsy and wet.
  3. Shampoo after the cut, not before When I was little, I remember getting a shampoo before the haircut. As an adult, this seems really odd to me. I want the shampoo after the cut, not only so all the little hairs get washed away, but also so I end the experienced fully relaxed and content.

Tell me something that’s better than getting your hair washed by someone else.