The Roast

A friend of mine and fellow blogger, Harley May, occasionally roasts author friends of hers. She’s absolutely hilarious, and recently she graciously agreed to roast me as well. She used the photo that as use in the header of my blog to write a hilarious blog entry about a day in the life of Jamey … Read more

The Nature of Male Toplessness

The other day, a female friend of mine asked me, “Why do guys find any excuse not to wear a shirt?” My initial response was, “Well…why would we wear shirts if we didn’t have to?” She replied, “That doesn’t answer my question.” She’s right. There are so many things that guys do without shirts when … Read more

Pay What You Want

A while ago I read an interview with a speaker and consultant who tells his clients to pay what they want. He established trust on the front end by telling clients that he trusts that they’ll pay him what he’s worth, and more often than not, the trust is returned on the back end. In … Read more

What If X Were Real?

Call me a dreamer. I haven’t been getting on Twitter much lately, but I popped on there today to see what was up with the world (not much, really). But one thing caught my eye. You see, Twitter has this thing called “trending topics.” It’s a word cloud of the words being used most in … Read more

The Necessity of the Bad First Novel

In helping to critique friends’ writing and working on Blank Slate Press submissions recently, I’ve read a lot of quality work. One thing is evident: This isn’t the first time around the block for these writers. They’ve been honing their craft for years. Many of them, I’m guessing, have a really bad novel sitting in … Read more

The Cat Lady Cometh

Cat owners/lovers generally have one question on their minds: Should I get more cats? I’ve had Biddy for over 3 years now, and we have a pretty good thing going on. However, over the last few months he’s been really whiny at nothing in particular. He’s such a playful cat, and he seems really lonely … Read more

Graduate Advice

I work at a university church, so every year we say goodbye to a new batch of graduates. We had a sendoff Mass/lunch for them today, and usually the staff imparts some wisdom upon the graduates. Apparently that wasn’t in the schedule this year, but the advice I was going to give was: Your first … Read more

I Am Iron Man 2

Two years ago, I wrote an entry on this blog (complete with photos) about the sheer joy I experienced while watching the first Iron Man movie. It was such a revelation to have a superhero movie come together that well. Thus I was incredibly excited about Iron Man 2: The Ironing. I eagerly awaited each … Read more