My Greatest Fear #8: Static Electricity

The other day I was doing laundry, and I forgot to put in one of those little magical dryer sheets. When I extracted my fuzzy blanket from the machine, I shocked myself. Then I shocked myself again when I touched a door handle, and again when Biddy tried to get involved in things.

It was the worst load of laundry ever.

Basically, I’m terrified of static electricity. If there’s even a remote possibility that I’ve rubbed my feet against the carpet too much or feel my hairs twitching on my head, I always try to ground myself before touching metal. I’m very particular about this when I get out of the car in the winter.

Why this paralyzing fear? Because it hurts! It would be one thing if you got special powers every time you got bitten by static electricity (which is what I’ll tell my future kids so they’re not afraid of it), but that’s not the case at all. It’s like someone is walking around pinching you on dry days. That’s no fun.

Am I the only one who cowers in the face of static electricity? I sure hope there’s someone else out there with staticelectrophobia.

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