Pet Peeve #10: Parking Space Stalking

I’ll come out and say it: I think there are a lot of lazy people in America.

We are a culture of TV remotes and drive-thrus, microwaves and lottery tickets, elevators and magical ab machines. We want things, and we want them now.

One place that this laziness manifests itself is in the parking lot. It never ceases to amaze me that people would rather wait in their car for a good parking spot to open up than just drive a little bit further away from the store entrance and park immediately. Sure, they’d have to walk a little bit further, but they’d probably end up in the store at the same time, if not sooner. I would personally much rather find a spot in the back of the lot than sit in an idle car, creating a logjam for other drivers.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and was delighted to find a really good open parking space in the front (see? I’m lazy too). When I finished shopping, I was loading groceries in my car when another car pulled up behind mine. The driver was waiting for my spot even though I wasn’t hadn’t even emptied my cart yet. And she was blocking quite a bit of traffic. By the time I pushed my shopping cart into the rack, about a minute had passed, and the driver continued waiting.

Well,  I decided to show her. Instead of walking back to my car, I walked away from it. Nowhere in particular, just away. After about 30 feet I looked back to see the driver was still waiting for me to move my car. I realized she might be watching me, so I crossed over as if I were going to reenter the grocery store.

It was only then that the driver finally decided to move on. So I hightailed it back to my car and pulled away, my heart thumping in my chest. It doesn’t take much for me to feel like a rebel.

What types of laziness flabbergast you?