The Cat Lady Cometh

Cat owners/lovers generally have one question on their minds: Should I get more cats?

I’ve had Biddy for over 3 years now, and we have a pretty good thing going on. However, over the last few months he’s been really whiny at nothing in particular. He’s such a playful cat, and he seems really lonely during the day. He has a favorite toy that he plays with all the time, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d have more fun with another cat. A kitten who could grow up to be just as playful as Biddy.

I vacillated for a long time about the decision, as I really didn’t want to mess up the dynamic between Biddy and I. But yesterday I decided to go to the Humane Society to see if there were any playful kittens available, just to see.

Of course, I came home with a kitten.

The plan is this: I’m going to give the little guy a few weeks to become best friends with Biddy. My number one concern here is Biddy. If Biddy’s behavior is different (in a bad way) after a few weeks, I’ll take the kitten back to the Humane Society and my payment to them will be a donation.

That being said, so far, so good. The kitten is unbelievably cute (he’s currently pawing at the cursor on my monitor), and he’s very playful. He and Biddy have played chase several times today, and we all took a nap together on the bed earlier. I keep trying to find cute things to put the kitten into (I’m open to suggestions).

I also don’t have a name for the little guy. I want it to be two syllables and not sound like “Biddy.” So far I’ve thought of “Panda” and “Ying Yang” for his coloring…neither really do it for me. What do you think?

30 thoughts on “The Cat Lady Cometh”

  1. the kitten is cute! I guess you’ve been busy, mister I was wonderin’ where you’ve been hiding! The name that popped into my head was playmate…it’s not very original, but it is two syllables! 🙂

    • Sorry, I’ve been really busy at work and after work…too busy for the fun of Twitter, unfortunately. And now I have this little kitten asking for my attention…

  2. Cute things to put the cat into: a pot, tea cup, shoe, upside-down lamp shade, pencil holder, a manly coffee mug, AND I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE TWO INCREDIBLE KITTIES. I hope she stays.

  3. Oooh. The cat is a boy. I’ll give you the name I think of for when we get a cat. Not two syllables, but Digory. From C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew. Biddy and Digory. Digs for short. Diggy? Biddy and Diggy? No? Yes? I’ve had wine and will stop commenting. I think of more things to say.

  4. Well, the ONE cat I ever owned was black and white and named Dipsy. Although, she was a girl, and boy was that name ever fitting. How about Bongo? Then he can be Bon Bon.

    • Bongo actually has a nice ring to it. Bon Bon I think I’ve heard too many times before (and for yippy dogs, not cats).

  5. How about “Itty”. I know it’s not at all what you’re looking for, but it’d be fun to yell out “Itty Biddy!” whenever you come home.

    On a serious note, how about Oreo? He kinda looks like one.

    • Oreo is fantastic and may have just jumped to the top of the pile. Itty is good, but it sounds too close to Biddy.

  6. Any chance you would want to change Biddy’s name so you could name the two cats as a duo? Maybe some of your fist names would work…Simon and Garfunkel…Hook and Pan…Mr. Clean and Swiffer…Ebony and Ivory?

    You could also name the new cat a villian’s name…like Azrael, Cardinal Richelieu, Krang, or Cruela DeVille.

    (on a “Cardinal Richelieu”/3 Musketeers note, I also like D’Artagnan)

  7. OK–one final cat note. You know how Biddy’s name evolved from “Baby Bok Choi” because you called him “Biddy” all the time? Any chance you’d want to name the new cat “Oreo,” but just call it “new cat”?


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