The Roast

A friend of mine and fellow blogger, Harley May, occasionally roasts author friends of hers. She’s absolutely hilarious, and recently she graciously agreed to roast me as well. She used the photo that as use in the header of my blog to write a hilarious blog entry about a day in the life of Jamey Stegmaier (from my perspective).

The day begins:

“Wake up. Greet Biddy and the new farty kitten. Note their cuteness. Melt. Play with them. Oh the ridiculous joy I feel. Tear myself away. Do sit ups. Wait, play with kittens a few more minutes. Kittens. Kittens. Go eat breakfast and pack lunch. Shower. Wish kittens weren’t afraid of water. We could be playing.”

Read the full roast here.

Thanks so much, Harley! This was awesome.

3 thoughts on “The Roast”

  1. This is probably my favorite post ever. It never fails to make me smile and laugh, even on a bad day like today. Harley should roast you more often.


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