What If X Were Real?

Call me a dreamer.

I haven’t been getting on Twitter much lately, but I popped on there today to see what was up with the world (not much, really). But one thing caught my eye.

You see, Twitter has this thing called “trending topics.” It’s a word cloud of the words being used most in tweets at that moment in time, with the biggest words representing the most tweeted.

The big word of the moment: Wizards

For a split second, I got excited. I thought maybe, just maybe, someone had discovered that something akin to Harry Potter was real and that there was this whole other universe of wizards and spells and magic.

Sadly, though, it turns out that the Washington Wizards had won the number one draft pick in the NBA draft.

But it got me thinking: What if some figment of our imagination became real? It’s certainly not impossible. Think back to where the human race was 500, 100, even 50 years ago. So much of what we know now might be considered “impossible” or “magical” back then. I think it’s completely possible that something truly fantastic might happen to the world–whether it be in the realm of science, technology, religion, or the supernatural. What if you turned on the TV one day and discovered that X were real? What X would most excite you?

Some possibilities:

  • a real superhero with real superpowers
  • conclusive evidence that ghosts exist
  • conclusive evidence that heaven exists
  • alien contact
  • human travel at the speed of light
  • human levitation
  • invention of a collar that lets animals speak to humans
  • proof of existence of the Loch Ness Monsters/sasquatch/a good Transformers movie
  • flying cars (really, why hasn’t that happened yet on a vast scale?)
  • and, as I started this post, real magic in some form

What’s your X?