Home Sweet Home

I spent a long weekend back at my childhood home in Chesterfield, Virginia. My parents organized a family reunion (as they do every other year) for my dad’s side of the family, who I discovered (a) have vastly different political views than me and (b) really know how to talk (which is good for me, as I tend to be quieter when in large groups).

I also realized that my interest in having kids may be waning. I used to want kids for sure, but now I don’t really know. They’re a lot of work, even in small doses.

It’s an odd sensation, to go back home and sleep in your childhood bed. It doesn’t quite fit anymore, and yet you know that it once did. Here’s my room:

Both of my parents love gardening, so I’m blessed with this yard when I return home (this is just a slice of it from the back yard):

At the time I took this photo, I was sunning my pale little self while reading a book that my publishing company is going to publish on my Kindle, waiting for people to show up so we could play the ultimate lawn game: Ladder Golf. Here’s a view of that. And my shirt. (Note: A normal game of ladder golf does not include my shirt, but it can for a small fee.)

What’s your favorite thing about returning home? Does anything feel off about it to you?

16 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. More than anything about home, I love the time with my family. We’ve moved away from the childhood home I grew up in and got rid of the old beds, etc. But my family? I ache for that time with them.

    You never know about kids, Jamey. Yes, they’re A LOT of hard work, but I don’t miss a minute of my life without them. I do not.

    Love your parent’s yard. Glad you had a good time.

    • That’s a good point about home. It’s about the people, not the things. But it is a little surreal when the things are still there.

      Oh, I haven’t given up on kids! Just not as enthused about them as I once was.

  2. I like your balloon kite. It’s very festive.

    I also appreciate how conscientious you are about removing your shirt in order to get the best picture possible.

    • Yeah, that kite doesn’t fly. 🙂

      It’s really tough to work the iPhone camera with your shirt on. You’d be surprised.

      • Oh, totally. I often find it difficult to field any phone call without removing my shirt first. Let alone taking pictures…for that, I often need to go so far as removing my shoes.

        • The new iPhone has a video chat function (there’s a camera on both sides), so your callers may be in for a treat if you get one.

  3. I played ladder ball for the first time ever last weekend on a beach. It was amazing. I had NEVER seen it or heard of it before, and now it’s here. Weird. That is all.

        • I agree and disagree. You can sometimes skip the ball off the ground and hit the bottom rung (it’s the only run that you can do that). I’d contest that the middle rung is actually the hardest to hit, although you can miss the top rung and have it slide down to the middle one.

  4. I love ladder golf! I didn’t know anyone else played that game. Also, I love that comfortable, safe feeling of being in a familiar place.

  5. Your parents garden is beautiful! Going back always is surreal, and always an interesting experience. Sometimes you think, “I came from here!” and other times when you see the not so glamorous parts of your hometown you think, “I came from here?”

    We don’t have family reunions where I’m from because the family is everywhere else in the U.S. So we have friend reunions, which is pretty surreal sitting next to someone who grew up with you and who is now just as tall as you are (if not taller) and laughing at more stupid jokes with you. Its like things haven’t changed, just your height and your age.

    • Thanks! I’ve definitely had that “I came from here?” experience. 🙂

      I like the friend reunion idea! I do that on a very small level when I return home.

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